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Stagecoach Trunks

Please note that all of the trunks below are EXAMPLES. They are NOT FOR SALE.

Jenny Lind Stagecoach Trunks

Antique Jenny Lind Stagecoach Trunk; Top/Front

Jenny Lind trunks are some of the rarest and most sought-after trunks due to their beauty, history and association with the “Swedish Nightingale”. Jenny Lind (1820-1887) was the most popular singer of the 1800s. Furniture, trunks, and many household items as well as buildings and even towns were named for her. Jenny Lind trunks date back to the 1850s and 1860s. These trunks are distinguishable by their “keyhole”,  “loaf of bread” and “hourglass” shapes (looking from the ends). Jenny Linds were usually covered in leather. They have bulbous brass buttons for trim and (at least two) metal bands running from front to back. Most had leather straps crossing the top from back to front and down the front. Some had short straps from the front of the lid down to the front of the body.

Jenny Linds were made in several sizes and their shapes vary slightly as the following photos show. Photo A shows a style of Jenny Lind with the classic “keyhole” or “loaf of bread” shape. Photo B shows a style with the “hourglass” shape. Note the fancy arrowhead shaped handle. Photo C shows another style using the keyhole shape. Photo D is the front view of the trunk in Photo B. Photo E shows a very rare Jenny Lind with all its original background leather. 

Jenny Lind Antique Trunk w/Keyhole or Loaf of Bread Shape

Photo A

Jenny Lind Antique Trunk w/Hourglass Shape

Photo B

Jenny Lind Antique Trunk w/Keyhole Shape

Photo C

Jenny Lind Antique Trunk

Photo D

Jenny Lind Antique Trunk

Photo E

Western Squares Stagecoach Trunks

Western Squares is actually the name applied to the pattern printed into the paper covering of stagecoach trunks that were very popular in the 1870s. The paper was applied then sealed with schellac to make the trunks waterproof. This style remained very popular for a few decades in the late 1800s. Here are some examples.


Saratoga trunks are NOT Jenny Lind look-alikes!

The Saratoga trunk was named for the New York resort, Saratoga Springs. Everyone with any class at all spent some time there back in the 1870s. Most of the guests (there to take the waters), were very wealthy and brought along the very largest, fanciest trunks made. These trunks came to be called Saratoga trunks. We have researched this extensively, along with another prominent trunker. Saratoga trunks are NOT stagecoach trunks and do not resemble Jenny Lind trunks in any way, other than the fact they are both styles of trunks. They are very large trunks such as the one shown below (which at the crest of its dome is over a yard, or meter tall), regardless of what many people believe. (Who would even think of trying to hoist one of these beautiful beasts onto the top of a stagecoach?)

Antique Saratoga trunk; Top/Front

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LOTS MORE history of antique trunks on our Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks CD/Kindle eBook

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