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Treasured Chests proudly presents

The Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks V2

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Treasured Chests proudly presents The Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks V2




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Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks, Version 2.0! Nearly 45 years of research, thousands of photos, diagrams, trunk makers’ labels, lithographs, facts, addresses, dates, patents all on CD & Ebook/Kindle so it’s affordable AND portable!

Friends, family, customers and visitors have suggested for years the need for a really good, definitive book about antique trunks. Actually two books have been suggested, one about the intriguing history of trunks and another book about how to restore them. This is an update of our first attempt at documenting what we know about antique trunks. Sometime in the future we hope to put together a book about the proper methods of restoring them.

The encyclopedia represents over 44 years of research from thousands of sources. From our beginning in 1972 we have saved everything we could possibly find about antique trunks into a huge collection of materials. At first it was hard copy then into a database that if printed out in hard copy today would result in thousands of pages. It’s difficult to produce a paper book that size that would be affordable for most of us. A few years ago we started planning a book on disc and after much work we are able to finally offer it to the public. For the sake of clarity we shall call it henceforth our book.

The time line of trunk styles contains hundreds of dated ads, photos and other facts that will help you identify and date your antique trunk. Included in the book are thousands of photos, diagrams, trunk makers’ labels, lithographs, facts, addresses, dates, patents; we’ve even included things we hope you’ll find as humorous and interesting. The section on trunk makers alone contains references to nearly 13,000 entities we have found associated with antique trunks. The information here contains names of makers, manufacturers, sellers etc. along with their addresses and corresponding years at that address. This information can help you determine the age of your trunk, especially if the trunk contains a maker’s label. If you want to see if your family had anything to do with making antique trunks or selling them then many list proprietors, owners, presidents and such; some entities even have employee lists. All this information goes back as far as the 1700s, from all over the world. Many patents from the US and British patent databases are included, along with associated drawings. Trunks that belonged to celebrities like Isaac Hayes, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Holliday and Bela Lugosi are featured. You can see the Table of Contents and samples below.

Descriptions of trunk styles, parts, hardware are given. Several trunk maker catalogues are included from such companies as Stallman, Everlast, even Montgomery Wards.

The book is very easy to use, you just insert it into the CD/DVD drive of your Windows® computer*. Nothing is loaded onto your computer; the program runs completely from the disc so there are no security worries. The program has its own browser and operates much as regular Web browsers most of us are used to. There are back and forward controls, a powerful search facility, printing capabilities and much more

As we’ve always been, we’re a small family business so in order to handle the logistics we’re offering the CD on eBay & Amazon for $24.95. No sales tax unless you’re ordering from NC. Click to go to eBay or Amazon and you can be enjoying the book soon. For the ebooks, click the links near the top of the page. No tax, no shipping, same price as the CD.


To all who have helped over the years; countless librarians, historians, customers, visitors to our Web site, descendants of trunk makers and everyone else. We could not have done this without you.

*Windows® 10/8/7/XP/98 (Will run on a Mac if set up to run Windows)

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

ISBN 978-0-692-37669-0

From one of our pleased readers:

“Was so excited today to receive the CD.  I think I could spend hours and hours just looking and reading…Just looking for a variety of trunks to use as storage. Your CD has so much information……Thanks for a great resource.”

Treasured Chests proudly presents The Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks V2; TOC

Sample of a Time Line Page

Time Line of Trunk Styles Page 1 (1850-1884)

Use these photos for clues to the age and maker of your trunk. Note that styles and hardware overlapped a lot over the years.

1850 Assortment by B. E. Hutchinson

1850 Hide-Covered Flat Top by Jonathan Pierson

1852 Jenny Lind w/Straps & Lock Cover

1854 Leather-Covered Saratoga by Cedar Rapids Trunk Factory

Thousands of pieces of artwork and additional information

Lots of Original Lithographs


Thousands of Ads

Lots of Original Catalogs

Marilyn Monroe, Susan Strasburg, Judy Holliday

Trunks that belonged to the famous

Issac Hayes

Lots of Patents

 Below is a sample from the Library of Trunk Makers

George B. Bains & Sons

Name: George B. Bains & Sons; & Son in 1870, son being Joseph P. Bains; Back to & Sons in 75, other son was George B. Bains Jr.; George B. Bains & Son Inc. in 1921; name in 1850s sometimes listed as Baines.

Address: 302 Market, 6 N. 4th, 723 Cherry in 1859-61; 302 Market, 6 N. 4th in 62-65; George B. Bains & Son [Joseph] were located at 402 Market St. & 721 Cherry St. in 1868-1873; George B. Bains & Sons (Joseph & George B., Jr.) were at the same addresses in 1874-1908; In later years, there was also a location at 1028 Chestnut St.; 402 Market and 721 Cherry, home 1532 Fairmount Avenue in 75; 402 Market, 1028 Chestnut, 721 Cherry in 85/95; 1028 Chestnut, 402 & 404 Market in 90/1900; 402 Market, 1028 Chestnut in 95; 1028 Chestnut in 1910/17; Estate of George B. Bains 1910-1967 George B. Bains & Son [George B. Bains, Jr., President & Erskine Bains, Sec-Treasurer] was located at 1028 Chestnut St.; 1028 Chestnut, Philadelphia, PA in 1921

Date: Established 1840; 1845/74/1910/16/17; still in business in 1930s

Notes: Trunk maker, many different types. Made (at least) flat tops, sole leather, wicker and later automobile and wardrobe trunks. Suffered $20,000 loss to fire in 1874. Different labels over the years. Wicker trunk below has brass label on outside, red label on inside.

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