Treasured Chests Antique Trunk Restoration, Sales & Research

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Treasured Chests Antique Trunk Restoration, Sales & Research

Fascination of Antique Trunks

What is it about antique trunks that fascinates people so? For me there are many answers. The charm, the mystery, the variety of antique trunks all fascinate me. Every time one goes up on the workbench I wish it could talk. Each one is a new challenge – to my imagination, and to my restoration skills. This one might have come over on the Mayflower, that one may have crossed the plains on a Prairie Schooner. That one may have come across the Atlantic carrying everything the family owned as they fled famine-stricken Ireland. Some of the most fulfilling restorations I’ve ever done were emigrants’ trunks. The owners of these trunks will always carry with them their first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The richest treasures trunks could ever hold are their history. To me they are the ultimate antique with their rich and extremely varied history.

Since 1972 Treasured Chests has specialized in research, restoration and sales of antique trunks and chests. We’ve restored all types, flat tops, round tops, Jenny Linds, barrel-staves, you name it – we’ve restored it.

Our Mission

Our main objective is to restore trunks and chests to as original condition as possible while making them functional and beautiful. We also enjoy sharing what we’ve learned about antique trunks and chests over the years.


Just added to History of Trunks: 1875 Montgomery Ward Catalog


1929 Likly Automobile Trunk Catalog


New in the Showroom

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Extremely Rare 1950s Davy Crockett Toy Chest

Beautiful 1870s Victorian Doll Trunk

Very Rare 1950s Treasure Chest Toy Chest

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Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks

Version 2!

Nearly 45 years in the making, our Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks Version 2.0, THE book for antique trunks is ready for purchase. Now available on CD and Kindle Ebook. Please click the icon above for details.

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