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Another View #6


Trunk #6-1880s Medium-Sized Dome Top w/Basketweave Embossed Pattern

1880s Dome Top w/Basketweave Pattern; Top/Front

1880s Dome Top w/Basketweave Pattern; Top

1880s Dome Top w/Basketweave Pattern; Front

1880s Dome Top w/Basketweave Pattern; Hardwood Grain
Nice grain of hardwood staves

1880s Dome Top w/Basketweave Pattern; Basketweave Embossed Pattern

1880s Dome Top w/Basketweave Pattern; Original Double-Cross Cast Hasps

Basketweave Embossed Pattern

Cast Double-Cross Latch

Embossed patterns on trunks became popular in the late 1870s. They were not possible until then because the presses needed to emboss the metal so beautifully had not been perfected. This little beauty features the Basketweave pattern which was very popular for a couple decades but hard to find these days. Fortunately the pattern here was in good condition so we were able to clean it and restore the relief in two colors. The pattern goes across the top and all way round the four sides. Nice hardwood staves with a pretty grain also go across the top and sides. Heavy cast metal hasps of the double-cross design keep the lid closed. We replaced the lid stay and the leather handles. The replacement handles are nice new double-stitched leather. The inside of the trunk has been completely stripped and resealed then relined with new paper so you know it's sanitary and safe. Although not a large trunk it still has plenty of storage space. The bottom, as with all our restorations, has been repaired and resealed. We found this little beauty in Asheboro, NC on one of our local trunk hunts. If you like it as well as everyone here then don't hesitate to call us at 336-765-3998 or email us at before it gets snatched up.

Dimensions: 29" wide x 16" deep (front to back) x 19" tall. 27 lbs.

Price: $449.25

History: This trunk dates back to the 1880s. We found it in Asheboro, NC.

Note: As mentioned on our Bulletin Board, we can convert this trunk into a file cabinet, no charge. Just let us know which size file frame-letter or legal. 

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