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Another View #2


Trunk #2-Bentwood Escapes from Hamburg to New York in 1943

  1943 Bentwood Escapes Germany, top/front

 1943 Bentwood Escapes Germany, Top

1943 Bentwood Escapes Germany, Front

1943 Bentwood Escapes Germany, Hamburg Hotel Label  1943 Bentwood Escapes Germany, Railway Express Label

1943 Bentwood Escapes Germany, Working Lock W/Key

At the height of World War II some refugees were lucky enough to escape from Germany. This beautiful Bentwood which is an icon of that era made it out of Hamburg, through New York City and eventually on to Cleveland, OH. We found it in Cleveland many years ago. It is all original, even the leather handles. The locks still work and a key is furnished. We've only restored the bentwood staves and polished the brass, then coated the outside with a clear coat to protect it. Inside is a mint tray with straps. The inside has been thoroughly sanitized and resealed. We preserved and left the labels on the end and bottom of the trunk. Bentwoods represent the slow evolution of trunks into suitcases. For strength they retained their wooden staves. They were very popular in Germany at the time and after the war spread over Europe. They then became known also as Peninsular trunks.

If you need some historic lockable storage space that can be displayed open or closed then let us know. This one will fit into any decor. Just call us at 336-765-3998 or email us at and we'll be glad to have it professionally packed and on its way to your home.

36” x 21” x 13" 32 lbs.

Price: $426.75

History: This trunk dates back to the 1930s. We found it in Cleveland, OH.

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Please note the following trunk number: Trunk # ST-10-01 (Bentwood Trunk).

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