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(Sold) Rear Views of Very Rare Cedarobe Wardrobe Trunk (Sold)

Cedarobe Wardrobe Trunk, Interior all Cedar; Back
You never have to hide the back or any part of our restorations.

Cedarobe Wardrobe Trunk, Interior all Cedar; Top

One of our favorite wardrobe trunks-Cedarobe by Whittle. No worries with moths here, the interior is nearly all solid cedar. In addition, the cedar drawer fronts are a refreshing change from the fabric used by most makers. A few trunk companies made cedar trunks but Whittle's were the very best. Whittle began in Knoxville, TN in 1880 and went on to become an important trunk manufacturer. The outside lock on this one still works and a key is provided. Its hangers, including the boat anchor, shoe box, presser bar, dust/privacy screen and all of its drawers are there and in good condition. It was in quite good condition when we found it but we've sanitized and done a little polishing before completely resealing the outside. We also replaced the handle with a new double-stitched leather one. The Whittle label is still there and in great shape. This is only the third trunk of this type we've found in all these years (since 1972). The last one went to a doctor and his wife who took it on a transatlantic cruise on the Queen Mary II. That was in 2007 and it's taken us this long to find another. We found it locally in Lewisville, NC.

Dimensions: Open: 46" wide x 13" (front to back) deep x 43" tall

                   Closed: 23" wide x 25" (front to back) deep x 43" tall

                    85 lbs.

Price: $779

History: This trunk dates back to the 1920s. We found it in Lewisville, NC

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