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(Sold) Back and Top Views of 1860s Arch Top Stagecoach Trunk (Sold)

Antique Stagecoach Trunk from 1860s, Beautiful yet Unusual, Top/Back
You never have to hide the back or any other part of our restorations.

Antique Stagecoach Trunk from 1860s, Beautiful yet Unusual, Back

This one caught our eye immediately, one reason being its shape; in nearly 40s years working with antique trunks we've never seen one exactly this shape before. The top is a true arch, not domed, not rounded. The arch is flat from front to back and only bends from side to side. The shape is very eye-pleasing. It's an elegant trunk too with narrow staves and two sizes of real brass buttons, all original. In fact, only the lining, leather handles and straps are new. When we're shopping for trunks we try to always check the bottom because that's the most vulnerable part as to damage. We did so with this one but did not see what was written on the bottom until we arrived home with it. A name and possibly historical address are still quite legible. After quite a bit of research we think this trunk might have been associated with the Underground Railroad! It definitely goes back to the 1860s. The address is Indiana Station, Burnside, #3 Clearfield Co, PA. To protect the privacy of the the original owner's family, we'll only reveal the name to the buyer. This is a very sturdy medium size trunk but still has lots of storage space. It will fit into just about any decor; at the foot of a bed, in a foyer or anywhere you choose. It'll display beautifully whether you leave it closed or open and you'll have a precious part of history. If you like it as well as everyone around here then please don't hesitate, call us at 336-765-3998 or email us at before someone else snatches it up; we'll mark it sold, and have it on its way to you within hours.

Dimensions: 31" wide x 18" deep (front to back) x 18" tall. 22 lbs.

Price: $999

History: This trunk dates back to the 1860s.  We found it in Stuart, VA on one of our trunk-hunting expeditions.

Note: As mentioned on our Bulletin Board, we can convert this trunk into a letter-size or legal-size file cabinet, no charge. Just let us know which size.

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Please note the following trunk number: Trunk # SP-03-04 (Arched Stagecoach).

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