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See a beautiful trunk on our site you'd like to buy but just don't have all the money right now? We can help by offering you our FREE layaway plan. Just call us at 336-765-3998 or send us an email to and we'll be glad to take your order. Then all you need do is send us a $200 *down payment. As soon as we receive the *down payment we'll mark the trunk sold, hold it for you and you can finish paying for it $100 (or more if you like)/month until it's paid for. We’ll send you a receipt for each payment you make. NO FINANCE CHARGES from us saves you a lot. We have done this many times in the past for customers that we trusted and it has worked out so well for both of us that we’re now offering it to everyone. Where else can you buy a treasured piece of history so easily? Times are a bit tough right now for many of us; we hope this will help us do our share toward keeping the economy growing.

*PLEASE NOTE: The above mentioned down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. We have always done everything we can to help our customers but if you take advantage of our FREE Layaway Plan and then decide to not finish paying for your purchase, your down payment will be forfeited to Treasured Chests.

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