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We have become the leading trunk restorer in the south eastern United States because of our dedication and attention to detail. We restore, research and sell antique trunks. For a look at our work, check out our virtual Showroom or email us at for an appointment to visit us live in Winston-Salem, NC.

We (and many pleased customers) consider Treasured Chests a unique enterprise for many reasons.


We are small enough to give a personal touch to our work and to our customers. On the other hand, we are big enough to furnish or at least find just about any type of antique trunk or chest you may need, whether it be for home furnishings or such things as movie props.


We have always specialized in research, restoration and sales of antique trunks and chests (and sometimes other unique antique items), no other major antiques or merchandise, not even parts or supplies (we can recommend sources though). This is the only way we can do the best job possible with these important antiques.


We love our work and what we're working with. We love opening up new worlds for people and seeing them fall in love with these very important jewels of history. We gladly share our knowledge of antique trunks and chests with the public almost every day. Check out our History of Antique Trunks pages.


Over the years we have built up a very supportive and loyal customer base, one that not only grows but stays faithful to us because it's well known we do the very best job of restoring antique trunks and chests. We value this trust and vow to keep earning it. Click here for some comments from a few of our Treasured Customers.

Our Guarantee at Treasured Chests

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with a purchase or restoration from us then we promise to make things right. We will give you full credit for any purchase toward another item of equal value, provided your initial purchase is still in the same condition it left us.

Our Posterity Plaque at Treasured Chests

Our Posterity Plaque

Treasured Chests' Posterity Plaque

Our seal of quality. The plaque is placed on the bottom of our trunk restorations. It shows when and where the trunk was restored, and by which of our artisans. Hopefully many years from now the trunks can be traced back to us for their history.

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Shopping on the World Wide Web certainly has its advantages but it can have disadvantages too. One disadvantage may be that you cannot see our merchandise in this two-dimension world as well as you can in our real (as opposed to our virtual) Showroom. Therefore, if you have any questions about our merchandise then please email us at:

To see our merchandise first-hand, ask for an appointment to visit our trunk barn in Winston-Salem, NC

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Our "Mascot"

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Treasured Chests' Logo

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