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All items in the showroom have been carefully and completely restored.


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Note: All our items are now available in our Etsy shop.

Trunk #7 Stagecoach Trunk from 1870s, Lovingly Restored

(Sold to a [Repeat] Treasured Customer in [Hollywood] CA)

Trunk #9-Beautiful Jenny Lind from 1850s

(Sold to a Treasured Customer in LA)

 Item #13-Very Rare Western Theme Toy Chest

 (Sold to a [Repeat] Treasured Customer in AZ)

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Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with a purchase or restoration from us then we promise to make things right. We will give you full credit for any purchase toward another item of equal value, provided your initial purchase is still in the same condition it left us.


Shopping on the World Wide Web certainly has its advantages but it can have disadvantages too. One disadvantage may be that you cannot see our merchandise in this two-dimension world as well as you can in our real (as opposed to our virtual) Showroom. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns about any of our merchandise or our business then please contact us through our Etsy shop.

To see our merchandise first-hand, call for an appointment to visit our trunk barn in Winston-Salem, NC.


How Our Trunks of Old Are Used in Today’s World:

1. Gifts: Each of our trunks is very much an individual with its own personality, style & history. This is something you just can’t buy in any shopping mall.

2. Tables: Flat top trunks can be used as almost any kind of table, coffee table, end table, night stand with storage.

3.Foot of a bed: Nearly any trunk looks good here but the more decorative ones look exceptionally nice.

4. File cabinet: We can convert any trunk large enough to accommodate a file rack into a file cabinet for you-no charge. Just tell us which-letter or legal size. 

5. Printer and copier stands: Go ahead, dress up the office a bit, lots of our customers have with our flat top trunks.

6. Instant heirloom: Many families have bought several trunks from us to give to their children to pass on down to their heirs.

6a. Instant heirloom toy chests: One father in Idaho recently bought a third (UPDATE: fourth) toy chest from Treasured Chests for the family’s third  fourth child due any day now. In his words “Each chest was basically my gift to each child at their birth as a way to give them something that is fairly unique and in the hope that it will be something they will ‘treasure’ throughout their lifetime.” We filled one order placed by an expectant mother in Vermont for a toy chest for her son’s nursery.

7. Hide that recycle bin: A local customer just bought one of our as-is flat tops to house her recycle bin on her back porch.

8. TV table: We just sold a flat top that’s going to hold the family’s TV in their den.

9. Storage for irreplaceable items: A customer recently stated that her most precious possessions – photo negatives of her daughter, are stored in one of our restored trunks and in case of fire or flood, that would be the most important item in her home to save. From another: I live in New Orleans, LA. I keep all of my irreplaceables (christening gown used by every member of my family since 1934, etc.) inside that trunk. Whenever we have to evacuate, my husband knows that if nothing else, the contents of the trunk go with us. We don’t take the trunk as it weighs a ton even when empty! Otherwise it is used daily as a table.

10. Props: Our trunks can be used for video and still photography, historical reenactments, stage productions, and other forms of entertainment. We can furnish them as-is or restored to your needs.

10a. Hollywood & Broadway: One of our trunks is used in the Broadway play “Country Girl” with Morgan Freeman. Five other trunks of ours were used in the movie “The Hateful Eight”.

11. As Luggage: A Treasured Customer recently purchased a Cedarobe wardrobe trunk to be used as luggage on the Queen Mary II. One of our slightly smaller trunks came to us as luggage from Hawaii via airliner. UPDATE: It just sold as-is to become a photo prop.

12. To Make a Living: Our Schell doctor bags are being used by medical doctors, computer doctors, piano tuners and others.

13. A kindergarten teacher is using one of our wardrobe trunks in her classroom when the children act out plays in costume.

14. Your use? Have a favorite use that you’d like to share with the rest of the world? Just email it to us and we’ll post it.

Our Posterity Plaque:

Treasured Chests Posterity Plaque:

Our seal of quality. The plaque is placed on the bottom of our trunk restorations. It shows when and where the trunk was restored, and by which of our artisans. Hopefully many years from now the trunks can be traced back to us for their history.

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