Happy Holidays
Winter Holiday Sale! 25% off everything in the Showroom. You do the math and call us on 336.765.3998 or email us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com
Happy Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Treasured Chests do?
Antique trunks and chests. Treasured Chests has specialized in research, restoration and sales of antique trunks and chests since 1972.


Where are you located?
Winston-Salem, NC.


I am very interested in one of your trunks in your Showroom. How do I go about ordering it?
Call us at 336-765-3998 and we will take your order PLEASE! ORDERS ONLY! email us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com. Please tell us which item you’re interested in and where you are located.


What methods of payment do you accept?
MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, money orders, certified and personal checks. Merchandise ordered with a personal check must be held for seven days.


How do you ship a trunk I want to order?
Most go out by UPS. Each item is professionally packed before shipping. We insure the total amount on each order including packing and shipping.


Will I be charged sales tax?
No, unless you are ordering from within North Carolina.


I’m looking for a restored flat top trunk but there are none in your showroom. May I place an order for one?
Yes. E-mail us and we’ll put you on our list to be taken care of, first-come, first-served. We ask for a deposit on such orders.


I have a trunk that has been handed down in my family, will you restore it?
Sorry but we are no longer accepting restorations for others.


I would like to try my hand at restoring a trunk but can’t find one locally. Do you have trunks to sell in the rough or as-is?
We have one of the world’s largest collections for you to choose from. Just let us know what style of trunk you want and we’ll give you a quote on what’s available.


I need a special style trunk to be used as a movie prop. Can you help?
We will do our best. If we don’t have one in stock we’ll look for one.


Do you have a catalog?
No, not a hard copy catalog. We post everything we have ready for sale on the Bulletin Board and
Showroom within hours of completion.


Do you sell parts or supplies?
No, sorry we don’t.

Other questions? Feel free to email us at: contactus@oldtrunks.com