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Trays (Inserts) and Compartments

The following is an example of a small compartment inside the lid of a humpback trunk. To the left is a much larger compartment with a removable lid.

Picture and Compartment Inside Lid of Antique Trunk

The following photo shows an example of a tray with covered compartments (the small compartment on the left was originally covered too), a compartment within the trunk's lid and two pictures inside the trunk's lid. Note how the raised tray compartment fits into the trunk's lid when the lid is shut.

Pictures and Tray Inside Antique Trunk


The following photo shows an example of a picture on a tray lid and a picture inside the trunk's lid.

Pictures and Tray Inside Antique Trunk

The following photo shows a tray and compartment within a very nice all-leather trunk. The lid compartment is hinged at the bottom, two spring-loaded latches near the top of each side of the compartment keeps it in place when closed. The tray's cover is flat and covers the entire tray.

Beautiful Artwork Inside Leather Antique Trunk

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