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Please note that all of the items below are EXAMPLES only and are all original artwork. They are NOT FOR SALE. Reproductions are available from other sources. Please note that WE DO NOT USE REPRODUCTION pictures in our restorations.

Many rounded top trunks had artwork inside (I have seen very few flat tops with pictures). Inside the lid was a favorite place for the artwork which consisted of narrow paper tape borders and/or lithograph pictures. Artwork was also placed on trays and other locations within the trunks. Most of the pictures were of women or children, sometimes children with small animals like dogs and cats. Lithographs were printed by outside firms and sold to different trunk makers. With a few exceptions, we've never found any connection between particular trunk makers and artwork. We always preserve any artwork that is salvageable. The new lining is then worked around the artwork. A crack or small tear in the picture is common, they are usually caused by the wood of the trunk drying out and splitting. Unfortunately many pieces of artwork did not survive at all. We will be adding more pictures as we come across them. Let us know if you have a favorite you'd like to share and we'll post it.

A few trunks had pictures of scenery from all over the world. The example below seems to be a Mediterranean scene. 

Mediterranean Trunk Artwork

The next picture is of a deer hunter with a deer on his horse's saddle. This picture is intriguing, the saddle appears to be American but the hunter's hat does not. ?

Antique Trunk Artwork, Deer Hunter
Many thanks to D. G. in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We wanted to include the following picture even though it's incomplete. A nice bird-hunting scene.

Antique Trunk Artwork, Bird Hunting
Many thanks to Scott & Gina S. of Riverview, Florida

Low Tide

Low Tide Picture Inside Lid of Antique Trunk

Foxy Trunk Picture
Many thanks to K. W. in Bigfork, MT


Village Scene Artwork Inside Antique Trunk
Many thanks to A. B. in Alpharetta, GA


Canoe Scene in Antique Trunk Artwork
Many thanks to D. H. in San Jose, CA


Deer In the Snow Artwork Inside Antique Trunk

Everyone's Best Friend

Everyone's Best Friend Artwork in Antique Trunk


Anchored Ashore Artwork in Antique Trunk
Many thanks to Jean and Len from Baden, PA

Rare Religious Scene Artwork Inside Antique Trunk
Many thanks to B. W. in Lindsay, OK


Lady & Sheep Lithograph Inside Antique Trunk
Many thanks to G. L. B. in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

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Many More Miscellaneous Lithographs on our CD: Encyclopedia of Antique Trunks
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